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    Business Kamasutra

    From Persuasion to Pleasure 
    Business Kamasutra
    Current Obsessions

    The Oxygen Advantage

    Patrick McKeown

    Oxygen Advantage Image

    Invisible Selling Machine

    Ryan Deiss

    Invisible Selling Machine Picture

    Business Kamasutra for Dentists

    With Expert Commentary from Dr. Greg Wych
    Business Kamasutra for Dentists

    How Google Works

    Eric Schmidt

    How Google Works

    Information Architects

    Richard Sal Wurman

    info architects book

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    Here at eLaunchers, we are always learning. The journey doesn't stop as soon as you graduate school or start a company. The learning process is continual and books help keep us up to date and on our toes. 

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    Conquer the Chaos

    Clate Mask

    Conquer the Chaos


    Robert Cialdini

    Presuasion book

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