The key to growing your practice is to Implement a system that gets the right message to the right patient at the right time, before, during and after EACH procedure.

When a patient owns the disease, they will become an educated, indoctrinated and compliant patient who will pay, stay and refer.

Are you are one of the 99% of the dental practice that is spending money on marketing but unhappy with the results?

1. Your marketing department (and your lead generation agency) fails to deliver the measured number of NP (NEW Patients) to justify the spend. You are generating leads, but a large number of leads fail to become new patients and you do not have a system to stay in touch and follow up.

2. You are not getting High Value Patients because you are not booking High Value Appointments. You are not getting High Value Appointments because you are not educating and indoctrinating leads that are generated by your marketing department and your lead generation agency.

3. You have grateful patients who give you great reviews and ratings, but fail to generate referrals because you do not have a referral culture that gently solicits referrals by teaching your patients how to look for your ideal patients and how to make a warm introduction.

Now is the time to take advantage of The Dental Growth machine for your practice...

A PROVEN system designed to grow your practice by selling big-case elective dentistry and gently soliciting referrals.

Dental Growth Engine

Now is the time to take advantage of the Dental Growth Engine for your practice.
A PROVEN system designed to grow your practice by selling significant dentistry & gently soliciting referrals.
  1. Strategic Planning: When we know what we can do to grow your practice, we can take steps to grow.
  2. Build and deploy a comprehensive practice growth engine to create a steady stream of high value appointments that will turn into compliant patients that pay, stay and refer.
  3. Best of all - It's EASY, because we will do it for you!
Let's Grow Your Practice

Ultimate Dental Growth Machine-1

Every month you will generate high quality appointments that will turn into compliant patients who pay, stay and refer.

Let me plug the holes in the bucket, close the back door and grow your practice, or you can keep doing what you are doing. 

When most leads you generate don’t become appointment or new patients, how will you ever be happy with your return on marketing efforts?

See how a dental growth engine captures every lead, nurtures every prospective patient, stays in touch with everyone who says NO, and gently solicits referrals. 

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