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An educated prospect will become a compliant patient. A grateful patient can be trained to generate referrals for your practice.

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Dr. Carlo Biasucci tripled the size of his practice and cut his chair-side time in half. He went from $250K to $7M in 7 years. I met Dr. Biasucci when he was doing $4M. Today, Dr. Biasucci teaches dentists in Canada and US how to grow their practice systemically. (All clients get access to Dr. Biasucci's academy and swipe file. Your fee is paid for by

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Optimizing the patient experience on web

Capture every lead, follow up on every prospect, nurture every relationship using marketing automation & inbound marketing.

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High Value Appointment Generation using targeted, multi-channel direct response marketing.

When qualified patients are educated before the appointment, they come to the office ready to accept treatment plan. 

Referral Culture: A comprehensive system for gently soliciting referrals from grateful patients and centers of influences

Benefit/Meaning: Your grateful patients and the centers of influence who know, like & trust you are willing to give you referrals, but you have to teach them how to look for the right opportunity, teach them how to introduce your practice using the right words and give them the tools/props to start a conversation with their friends.

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I would heavily endorse Parthiv and wish I would have done this a year ago, not today. I hope that other people, just like myself, puts the time in because...Parthiv really helped me think through this in a bigger way than I ever thought possible in a very short amount of time.

Will Burghardt
—Dr. Will Burghardt Orthodontist, Marshfield, Massachusetts
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I’m here with Parthiv… We met at a Dan Kennedy event. Our main goal coming into today is to focus on the renewal strategy and it ended up being so much more than that. I asked for one thing and probably walked away with 20 things to increase our revenues by quite a lot. Like $25 million dollars. So it was a super valuable day and I’m definitely looking forward to the future. So thank you.

Kerri Anderson
—Kerri Anderson Product Manager, the Scheduling Institute, Atlanta, Georgia
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I met Parthiv at a GKIC Summit and I saw his brilliance...What they do here is show you how to put your businesses into high gear. And that’s what I’m interested in.

—Victoria Peyghambarian North Carolina Smiles Centers
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And about 3 years ago, my wife and I met Parthiv because we were interested in doing some marketing… So that our patients, once they’re in our dental practices, would always have constant communication from us, automated, so that they would never leave the practice... And over the last 3 years we have put together several campaigns that are all automated…

Dennis Raczkowski
—Dennis Raczkowski DDS, North Carolina Smiles Centers
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I’m here today with Parthiv Shah. We talked at length about my practice, and about a future venture, which is a coaching program, and we spent the entire day mapping out every single potential detail to improve and grow. Incredibly insightful day. I have complete clarity... So I was very impressed with the process. I highly recommend anyone… just talk to Parthiv and see what he has to say. You’ll be incredibly impressed with his depth of knowledge.

Carlo Biasucci
— Dr. Carlo Biasucci DDS, Northern Dental Care, Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

Frequently Asked Questions

When I meet dentists at conferences, trade shows and CE events, the conversation often leads to a handful of very specific questions like "Why do patients say NO?" or "Why don't my GRATEFUL patients generate a steady stream of referrals" or "How can I turn Hygiene Department in to a pocket of opportunities (no pun intended :-))?" The answer to these questions and more are here:

Why do patients say NO’?

Patients say NO all the time. They say NO for the wrong reasons. Patients don't understand that most dental problems are preventable (but not reversible). Patients don't understand that most dental problems are asymptomatic and by the time the feel pain or experience bleeding, the problem is likely to have gone beyond prevention. Patients are SCARED. They are afraid of pain, bleeding, time for treatments, time for healing, discomfort during healing time and potential infection. Patients are even more afraid of dentists post COVID for fear of aerosol and other things they read about on the internet. To make the matters worse, the dentist is not the best sales person or the most eloquent communicator. The dentist wants compliant patients who pay, stay and refer... and the only thing the doctor wants to talk about is bone and budget. There is a massive communication failure between dentist and patients.

How can I gently solicit referrals from my GRATEFUL patients?

Your patients ARE grateful. You will notice the respect in their eyes, their body language, their tone and their attitude towards you.  Some of them will be very vocal and express their gratitude in words, in hugs, in gifts and in thank you letters... but most can't. Most Americans fail to express gratitude. So, you have to ask how they feel about you. You got to get them expressive about their gratitude. When they are in that expressive state of gratitude, you need to ask them to share their story and their feelings with their friends, peers, coworkers, relatives and friends in the neighborhood. You have to coach them on how to look for a family that is ideal patient for you and you have to coach them on how to make a warm introductions. You have to give them tools that make referrals easy (like a shock and awe package, a book that the dentist wrote or simply 'I recommend Dr. __' card).

What do I do with appointment no show and unscheduled treatment plans?
Appointment No-Show and Appointment No-Sale (unaccepted treatment plans) is a real problem in dentistry. Unfortunately, COVID made this problem worse. Now, consumers are irrationally cancelling or not showing up for scheduled appointments out of the fear of everything (COVID, Dentistry, Aerosol, Fiscal concerns) and unless they are in severe pain or experiencing symptoms they avoid the appointment. In Q2-2020 a large number of appointments got cancelled without re-booking which not only caused the immediate impact on revenues of Q2-2020, but those patients who would have returned to practice for routine care in Q4-2020 are not automatically re-booked. Holes in the hygiene schedule is going to remain a problem for rest of 2020 and beyond and as a result, diagnosis and treatment plan generation will go down as well. American Dental Association or your state and local dental association is not going to do grass root marketing promoting dentistry so you will need to re-establish connections with your internal patient database. Now more than ever you need to remain in communications with them with Dental Patient Newsletters, in-office and on-line patient seminars/webinars and outreach marketing discussing the REAL dangers of not seeing the dentist periodically.  

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Meet Parthiv Shah

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Dental Practice Growth starts with a Growth Driven Strategy so you can implement Growth Driven Design for your practice. In one 60 Minute meeting, you and Parthiv will identify specific opportunities for growth in YOUR practice and create a Growth Blueprint with 3 to 6 specific growth ideas that can help you start growing your practice in 100 days or less.



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