If you are on this page, you are a dentist and you have been invited to request my free gift for dentists. 

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eLaunchers Gift For my Dentist Friends

 Welcome to the special 'Dentist Only' gift page. I am Parthiv Shah, President of eLaunchers.com and I have three gifts for you to grow your practice. The biggest gift I can give you is 60 minutes of my life, helping you figure out how you can grow your practice following Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing principles. 

Accept My Gifts
  • Gift 1: A turn-key, ready to deploy internal marketing campaign to market an in office Implant Seminar. Think of it as a 'seminar in a box'. (created by Dr. Carlo Biasucci, Ontario, Canada)
  • Gift 2: Dental Patient Newsletter. I will give you a 52 email dental patient e-newsletter that you can send out to your patients, prospects and referral sources.  (created by Dr. Carlo Biasucci, Ontario, Canada)
  • Gift 3: A turn-key, ready to deploy lead capture funnel and follow up campaign for 'Anxiety Free Dentistry'.  (created by Dr. Carlo Biasucci, Ontario, Canada)

Dr. Carlo Biasucci built his GP practice from $250K to $8M in seven years. The gifts are copies of actual marketing campaigns that have been tried and tested by him.

Parthiv Shah

President • eLaunchers.com

pshah@elaunchers.com 301.760.3953

To Make an appointment visit www.elaunchers.com/mindmap

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