If you are on this page, you probably received a clear plastic envelope with a $5 bill along with my letter.

 Welcome to the gift page. Thank you for accepting my invitation. Let' get started.   Please click here to schedule our first appointment. five dollar letter

eLaunchers Gift For Dentists

  • Gift 1: The Five Dollars. You can keep the $5 I gave you OR you can give the $5 back to me and I will come work for you and get you a new patient or a new referral.
  • Gift 2: Dental Patient Newsletter. I will give you a 52 email dental patient e-newsletter that you can send out to your patients, prospects and referral sources.  (created by Dr. Carlo Biasucci, Ontario, Canada)
  • Gift 3: An Invitation to join my study club with FREE access to my 50,000 page library, study club members only private Facebook study hall and access to ME the librarian who will tell you which binder and what page you should read when you have a question.
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Parthiv Shah

President • eLaunchers.com

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