​Dear Friend,

Welcome to my appointment page. Kindly pick a day and time that is convenient for you, and share some information about what you want to discuss. On the designated day and time, I will be ready for you with a notebook with me and at the end of the call I will send you a 'conversation memo'.  If I am not at a computer when we talk, I will be sure to tell you so you can take your notes or we will turn on the scribe app on.

I am not accepting weekend appointments on this page. I have also blocked out time-blocks to do focus work so this calendar has limited availability. Same day appointments are available, but I prefer a 24 hour notice if possible. If you are a private client or a staff member and can't find a desired time on my calendar and you want to 'squeeze-in appointment, kindly text me at 3018735791 or text Dipa at 2404787709 and we will see what we can do.