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The Best Business Book Club You’ll Ever Experience...Guaranteed!


Do you love to read?  I do! And I would like to share what I am reading with you...monthly.  

My name is Parthiv Shah.  I’m the founder and president of eLaunchers.  I am one of the most unlikely of success stories...landing here on the shores of this great land broke and with an accent so thick people could barely understand me. 

Still, it has been my privilege to build one of the nation’s top advertising agencies serving Medical Practices and Business Coaches and Consultants.

One of my most powerful tools I used in my journey was books.  Imagine, for $8 or $12 you can get years, sometimes decades, of experience and scientific research distilled down to usable knowledge.  Books have turned me into a young, aimless immigrant into a successful entrepreneur.

I would love to share what I am reading with you...FREE of charge.

If you are a reader, I’ll gladly share with you which books I recommend and which ones seemed to be a waste of time.  

Each month you’ll receive a list of at least 3 books, along with a short summary and a rating of 1-5 stars.  

OPTIONAL: If you share your physical address when you join the club, we will send you some books that I am currently reading to jumpstart your library.

To join my Business Book Club, simply give me your name,  mobile phone number and email address where you would like me to send the monthly email. I promise you, we never sell or share your contact information. We hate SPAM as much as you do!

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