All About Dipali Shah

Dipali Shah is the CEO of eLaunchers. She has helped to serve professional practices, specifically dentists, orthodontists, physicians and attorneys to stay in touch and follow up with their patients or clients using proven direct response marketing techniques and marketing automation technologies. As a part of her career development, she is working with Hubspot to get certifications in inbound marketing, reputation marketing management, and is undergoing a Strategic Coach training for entrepreneurs. Her main goal at eLaunchers is to deliver. She wants her clients to have the absolute best experience and get the most value they can get from working with her. 

Over the years, eLaunchers has won the Germantown Gaithersburg Chamber of Commerce 2015 Small Business of the Year award. Dipali herself has also received the prestigious Community Woman Entrepreneur award in 2016. Her main passions at work are focused on helping customers to achieve their best businesses. She wants them to reach the potential that they have. Her Bachelors degree in graphic and web design as well as a Masters in Fine Arts lends her well to working on branding/optics for her clients. 
Dipali lives with her husband, Parthiv Shah, and her in-laws in Maryland. Their son, Rahul Shah, is a student at Rochester Institute of Technology and a recipient of the prestigious Presidential Scholarship at RIT. Rahul is studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Centered Technology with concentration in Learning Systems and Accessibility with emersion in American Sign Language. 

The best thing about Dipali is her always positive attitude and her ever-lasting calm in a crisis. She works with a level head and is always praised for her amicability with the people around her.