We Systematize and Automate Practice Growth

You wouldn't build a house without architectural drawings right? Why would you want to jump in to building a system with an intent to experience a transformational marketing makeover without figuring out where you are, where you want to be in three years, what tools you already have, what is already working, and what you are going to need to get from your current state to goal state? A day (and a half) mind map session will help you articulate the EVEREST mountain you will climb in next 36 months and bulid a game plan to get there from your current 'base camp'. This planning session is to determine what you need in order to get where you want to go and allow us at eLaunchers to determine what we can do for you. 


We Build Business Processes and Marketing Automation Systems that Facilitate "Fail Safe Follow-Up"

With expert advice and generous guest contribution from Dan Kennedy, Dr. Carlo Biasucci, Dr.Greg Wyche, Russell Martino, Doberman Dan, Dr.Steven Roulac, Dustin Matthews, Mal Emory, Ryan Chapman, Jay Rice and many other subject matter experts in the field, I have put everything I know under ONE central platform called The Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform. This platform has a massive library of resource shared by my colleagues, my Infusionsoft campaigns, my conversion funnels, my conversion tools and my referral culture formula. With this platform in your hand, you can engage any implementation team to build your conversion platform within weeks. Of course, eLaunchers.com can turnkey the whole implementation if you choose to work with us directly.

We Implement Concepts and Strategies that Help You Grow Your Business

We are systems people. We have SOPs and binders for everything. We have systematized implementation of the Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform and reduced the process down to a pre-populated project management template with 267 tasks for implementation and 197 tasks for copywriting. You might say, ‘But my business is different. What if it does not fit the pre-populated project template?’; and if you say so… you would be right. Your business IS different and therefore all the copy and graphics work must be done to fit your context, your concepts and your marketing modality. What we have is a system that gives you a default road map to follow that has taken dozens of companies from ‘Everest Base Camp’ to ‘Everest Summit’.

We are the project management people, we are ‘binders’ and 'checklists' people. We are the systems and process people that can transform any project plan from a ‘militia style organization’ to a ‘military style organization’. We will setup the command & control center and the communications processes so your implementation goes with minimalistic pain. Our process is designed to get things done fast, right the first time, on time, on budget. Most important, we actually do what we say we will do. The implementation plans bring an order and disciple to the work force.

Your Processes Roadmap:

Phase I: 0-12 Days

  • - Concepts and Strategy
  • - Clear definition of success and failure
  • - 73-Point Business-Building Checklist
  • - Digital Marketer "VGO" and "VJC"
  • - 2-Page Marketing Plan
  • - EVEREST Planning Session with 3-5 Year Markets Roadmap
  • - Game Plan with Annual Priorities
  • - Quarterly TOPs and SMARTs  

Phase II: 13-100 Days

  • - Systems and Processes
  • - Marketing Automation Platform and Implementation
  • - Website, Blog, Funnels, Call to Action, and Landing Pages

Phase III: 101-1000 Days
Deliver and Execute

  • - Your Marketing Campaigns (online & offline)
  • - Conversion Concepts
  • - Phone Follow-Up
  • - Documentation and Trending