eLaunchers Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform Implementation (formerly known as ‘eLaunchers Surgical Strike’) is a transformational marketing makeover. Please take a look at some examples of the work we have implemented for our satisfied clients.

Ultimate Conversion Concepts

With expert advice and generous guest contribution from Dan Kennedy, Dr. Carlo Biasucci, Dr.Greg Wyche, Russell Martino, Doberman Dan, Dr.Steven Roulac, Dustin Matthews, Mal Emory, Ryan Chapman, Jay Rice and many other subject matter experts in the field, I have put everything I know under ONE central platform called The Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform. This platform has a massive library of resource shared by my colleagues, my Infusionsoft campaigns, my conversion funnels, my conversion tools and my referral culture formula. With this platform in your hand, you can engage any implementation team to build your conversion platform within weeks. Of course, eLaunchers.com can turnkey the whole implementation if you choose to work with us directly.

Concepts and Strategies

You wouldn't build a house without architectural drawings right? Why would you want to jump in to building a system with an intent to experience a transformational marketing makeover without figuring out where you are, where you want to be in 3 years, what tools you already have, what is working and what you are going to need to get from your current state to goal state? A day (and a half) mind map session will help you articulate the EVEREST you will climb in next 36 months and bulid a game plan to get there from the current 'base camp'.

Implementation Plans

We are systems people. We have SOPs and binders for everything. We have systematized implementation of the Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform and reduced the process down to a pre-populated Base Camp with 267 tasks for implementation and 197 tasks for copywriting. You might say, ‘But my business is different. What if it does not fit the pre-populated Base Camp template?’; and if you say so… you would be right. Your business IS different and therefore all the copy and graphics work must be done to fit your context, your concepts and your marketing modality. What we have is a system that gives you a default road map to follow that has taken dozens of companies from ‘Base Camp’ to ‘Summit’.

We are the Base Camp people, we are the ‘binders’ people. We are the systems and process people that can transform any project plan from ‘militia style organization’ to ‘military style organization’. We will setup the command & control center and the communications processes so your implementation goes with minimalistic pain. Our process is designed to get things done fast, right the first time, on time, on budget. Most important, we actually do what we say we will do. The implementation plans (Base Camp with 568 tasks and 14 process plan binders) bring an order and disciple to the work force.

Copy Concepts and Copy Writing

You are going to make a significant investment in acquiring and implementing the Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform. You will spend substantial amount of time and energy working with us on putting this together. At the end of all this, you would want a Return On Investment right? Well, I don’t give you an ROI. At the end of the day, UCCP (Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform) is a large technology overhead. Think of this as the ‘FedEx’ of marketing message. Once implemented, UCCP will deliver the right message to the right person at the right time 24/7 365 days a year. But what gives you an ROI is the actual act of sales and marketing. You have to actually prospect, pitch & close. This is done by your copywriter. Parthiv works with you and your copywriters on identifying pockets of opportunities that can be pursued and won with minimalistic efforts and the copywriter would write copy to that aggression plan. A professional copywriter will take between 100 and 150 hours to write all the copy required for implementation of Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform. If you are writing your own copy, you will probably not be as good, not be as fast and when you deliver not so good copy to your market at an efficient speed, you actually do a damage to your market position.

Dan Kennedy calls this ‘poisoning the well’. If you approach someone with an inappropriate approach, not only they will not buy, you will actually lose their attention and next time when you approach them they will remember you from previous efforts and write you off as ‘one of those’. Therefore, we have teamed up with the best direct response copywriters in the world. We have invested in relationships with copywriters who understand the core concepts of Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform and actually contribute to the swipe file and resources library. Once you buy the license to Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform, we will connect you to the most appropriate copywriter for your business situation. Once the copywriter and copy strategy is in place, we will proceed with the implementation.

Conversion Tool Development & Beautification

While you and your copywriter are strategizing and copywriting, our graphic designers and campaign beautification artists are busy developing the ‘shells’ of print material, digital downloadable assets, landing pages, funnels and Infusionsoft campaigns waiting for the arrival of copy. Once the copy arrive, the copy is populated in the shells and presented to copywriters for the final review. Upon approval from the copywriter the assets are delivered to print production team to gear up for printing and engineering team for programming, Infusionsoft engineering and web assets development. We have identified the tasks that are done pre-copy, done concurrently while copy is being written, done in collaboration with copywriters, post copy and QC/Testing. YOU are going to be part of the project and tasks will be assigned to you and you will be expected to play your role to keep the project at the right pace. If you are holding things up, we will give you a gentle nudge. If you go in and touch things that you are not allowed to touch we will talk about that too. You will attend a weekly production call where we will review progress, get feedback from you and check tasks off Base Camp as they are completed.

Customer Experience Wow Boxes Design

When a prospect becomes a client, you want to continue the ‘wow’ experience that got them in the first place. Many companies do not have a customer experience strategy and customer amazement rituals. This leads to a ‘deflated enthusiasm’ as the relationship progress and eventually the customer does not find an emotional reason to stay connected to you. Without a customer experience strategy and customer amazement rituals, you will have difficult time with retention, ascension, cross-sale, up-sell, gathering testimonials and referrals from existing clients. We help you create your customer wow box experience for different milestones like ‘new customer welcome box’, ‘end of project celebration box’, ‘thank you for the referral box’ and a generic ‘gratitude box’ that you can use to eloquently express gratitude.

Campaign & Funnel Engineering

Our database administrators, web architects and Infuisonsoft scientists do all the pre-copy work on your Infusionsoft campaigns and your funnels in Click Funnels. This gives the technical framework to copywriters and graphic designers so the copywriters can finalize the copy strategy and designers can build design shells. As soon as the copywriters are done with copy and design team completes the copy beautification work, the implementation team goes to work and connects all the dots, put everything in place, and turn on the campaigns. If you are a dentist or an orthodontist and if we are connecting your practice management software to Infusionsoft, our team on Infusionsoft scientists would put the API integration in place also. In some situation, we will recommend, acquire and integrate 3rd party applications to your Infusionsoft. (Examples: ThinkingChat.com, Appointmentcore.com, Fixyourfunnel.com, Graphly.com, Plusthis.com, Zapier.com etc.). If appropriate, our Infusionsoft scientist and our PCI compliance experts will help you determine how to use Infusionsoft for your e-commerce. At last, our database administrators and data scientists will help you harvest all your data from ‘everywhere’, go through a thorough list hygiene and data cleansing process and import your data in Infusionsoft.

Delivery & Training

The Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform is a turnkey lead capture, lead nurture, opportunity follow up and sales process automation system. There are technical and cultural parts of the system that will require different level of training and ongoing support for different role players in your organization. We will have a technology training and a data intelligence culture training for the CEO. As CEO, I don’t expect you to be able to login to Infusionsoft and apply a tag or complete a task or create a notes template, but I do expect you to know what this actually means. We will also determine the other role players in you organization, identify their role, the required technology competence and internet literacy and put together an individualized learning plan for your staff. We have excellent trainers on Infusionsoft, technology, web, data and business process and we will spend as much time as necessary to hold your staff’s hands and make sure they are comfortable with the technology.

Beyond initial training, eLaunchers.com also makes Parthiv Shah available to you as a strategic advisor to the CEO. As Parthiv’s private clients you will conduct your monthly, quarterly and annual marketing meetings with Parthiv, your CEO and your key team members. Parthiv’s private clients also receive one major marketing asset and one turnkey, done for you marketing campaign delivered to you each quarter so we will work on eight mini projects each year.

Parthiv’s private clients on monthly retainer do not pay for the initial training for your staff and ongoing training/handholding support for Infusionsoft, web, data and technology. If you are not Parthiv’s private client, the initial training and ongoing support is available for a modest fee.

Conversion Friendly Web Presence

Our sister company in India or a trusted partner company in US will engage with you if you need to refresh your web presence or if you need an online lead generation team that can do SEO, PPC, Social Media Management or FB advertising.Online lead generation is outside our core competency and we routinely refer our clients to a trusted partner company that is most appropriate their needs.