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elaunchers marketing department in a box

eLaunchers Marketing Department In A Box


What Dan Kennedy calls Info-First Marketing is also referred to as Inbound Marketing is a content marketing and monetization concept. In December 2015 at Media-Media conference, a small group 3 day masterclass Dan Kennedy taught the concept of developing your media platform. At that conference Dan Kennedy amplified the message of publish or perish.

In the video below, I describe what is Info-First Marketing, who it is for, and if you are an info-first marketer, what implementation infrastructure you are going to need in order to transform your Info-First marketing effort in to an income producing asset. it's a short, under five minute video. Check it out.



 So, did you watch it? (Or you skipped the video to keep reading?). In the video above, I am talking about what is info-first marketing, who it is for and how one can implement the elements of info-first marketing.'s Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketer's  Value Journey Canvas, Advantage Media's Authority Marketing Platform and Dan Kennedy's Publish or Perish Info-First Marketing Framework all depend on this one key concept.

Here's the core belief: Indoctrination. In Magnetic Marketing, Dan Kennedy talks about showing up as a welcome guest as opposed to an annoying pest. In Inbound Marketing, Hubspot talks about three stages of content marketing strategy for  TOFU (Top of the Funnel), MOFU (Middle of the Funnel) and BOFU (Bottom of the funnel). In Digital Marketer, Ryan Deiss talks about a concept called Value In Advance.  These are all different explanation of the Info-First Marketing concept.

You can't pitch to a prospect who has not already established that they can trust you and when you are not making money, you are OK being 'just friends'. Info-First marketing delivers that exact promise. It takes some information from you and shares that information with people who are your ideal prospects.  

I believe that this is the Big Bang Theory of direct response marketing.

 system comparison



Everything was born from Magnetic Marketing. The core concept is the SAME on every platform:

  • Identify who you are and who you are for.
  • Show up like no one else.
  • Come bearing gifts, share before you sell.
  • Become a trusted advisor & add value.
  • Convert, close, deliver and wow.
  • Build relationships & ask for Referrals.
  • Build a system that does this all.




I want to share with you the implementation protocol for Info-First Marketing. Please come to eLaunchers booth (if you are readying this page at the trade show) to pick up your packet of info-graphics, mindmaps, wall charts, fill-able PDF workbooks & stuff! If you are visiting this page on the web, follow the three steps below to schedule your one hour appointment with Parthiv, Download the workbook and download additional publications from eLaunchers.

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  2. Business Kamasutra Book
  3. eLaunchers Shock and Awe
  4. Lifecycle Marketing Planner


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