The Importance of Shock & Awe


Our Shock & Awe

Show your new and potential clients that you are serious about making them happy. A fully detailed Shock & Awe packet will give the client all the vital information they need to know about working with your business. Let us show you how. Our eLaunchers Flight Plan includes: -Free Report -Monthly Management & Maintenance Services -What Happens During a Surgical Strike? -What Happens at a Full Day planning Session? -Pre-Appointment Checklist -Who Relies On Parthiv Shah & -A Message From Your info-Pilot, Parthiv Shah -Free Gifts

New Client 'WOW' Box

Don't hesitate to show your appreciation to your new clients. Welcome them to the family with a thoughtful gift that is sure to blow them away and have them glowing with excitement before even stepping into your office for the first time!

Referral Partner Shock & Awe

Customer satisfaction is the key to increasing your referrals. If your clients are already thrilled to be working with you, they are more than likely willing to promote you to their friends and family. If they send you a referral or two, keep them happy and show your appreciation by sending them a gift box with a few goodies. There's a good chance they'll keep the referrals coming if they know just how appreciative you are for getting them.

HUGE Thank You & Celebration of Victory

What do you get someone who already has everything? How do you ensure that your gift stands out from the crowd? At eLaunchers we have discovered one Ultimate gift, which is sure to make an impression...LIVE BIRDS!! The birds will fly back home after their release, but not before getting the attention of EVERYONE in the room first