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ryan-deiss-newRyan Deiss Says, "Parthiv Is The Hardest Working Man In Marketing"

I am only accepting 12 private clients

I will personally help you identify your 3-5 year EVEREST Mission and plot the journey from Base Camp to Everest Summit

And I will be your 'Sherpa' all the way to Summit. This is MY mountain.

"Bring Parthiv Shah as the Strategic Advisor to CEO"

What to expect

When you join Parthiv's "Private Client Program"


I will personally help you craft your 3-5 year mission and stay with you for the next 36 months to help you stay on course and reach your goals.

  • Everest Planning Session! - A Day (and a half) at our office to articulate your Everest Mission diagram.
  • The GAME Plan - TOPs (Tactical Operational Priorities) and SMARTs (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound) Goals.
  • Annual priorities, quarterly tactical plan and a 12 week, 12 month, 12 quarter tactical task order. Quarterly Deliverables - We deliver ONE major marketing asset and ONE turnkey internal or external marketing campaign every 12 weeks. This way, we will work on eight SMART PROJECTS every year.

What Got You Here, Won't get you THERE!

Let us work together! first we make a plan and then work the plan!

I learned this from the masters at Infusionsoft Elite Forum. They taught me that there are seven stages of a company's life. You go from Stage 1 ($0 to $100K) to Stage 2 ($100K to $300K), Stage 2 to Stage 3 ($300K to $1M), Stage 3 to Stage 4 ($1M to $3M), Stage 4 to Stage 5 ($3M to $10M), Stage 6 ($10M to $20M) and Stage 7. I joined Infusonsoft Elite Forum right before going from Stage 3 to Stage 4. During the delicate times of a stage transition my life was chaotic.

It was evident that yesteryear's victories and processes were now irrelevant. What used to work was no longer working. I was huffing and puffing, dropping balls, disappointing clients, losing time, data, money and valuable human resources. Life was stressful. It was then that I discovered the Elite Forum Everest and Game Plan process. Dipali and I put in close to 150 hours in to implementing the Elite Forum Principles. It was a life altering, transformational make over. Infusionsoft Elite Forum gave us the necessary business structure to stabilize the company and take it to the next level.

I have now dedicated my life to helping stage 3 and stage 4 companies go to the next stage and be their information architect through this journey. With their permission, I brought Elite Forum's Everest and Game Plan to eLaunchers and integrated them in my process. When you come in for a day (and a half) of your consultation, we start with a meta-cognitive mind-map of concepts and strategies that are relevant to your business. Then, we do an EIGHT paradigm SWOT analysis. (Normal SWOT has 4 paradigms). Based on these two assets we develop and/or articulate your revenue model, ascension plan, retention plan and 'money rituals'.

After that we build out your Everest diagram and populate your game plan. Once we know what we need to do and when and in what chronology, we develop a tactical plan for your web, data, graphics and technology infrastructure and once we have all of this in place we put together your Base Camp and populate it with several hundred tasks that can be assigned to various role players. Once all of this is done, we record a quick 2-3 minute video for my 'wall of testimonials' and it is time to head back to airport. Beyond initial consultation, for the next 36 months we will hold your quarterly, monthly and annual planning meetings.

We will meet in per-scheduled video conference to measure progress, review opportunities, threats and celebrate victories. Among other things, you will walk out of my office with an Everest diagram wall chart for YOUR organization like the one pictured below.


Naturally, there is a lot more to Infusionsoft Elite Forum beyond just Everest and Game Plan. It is a comprehensive business administration framework and a management protocol for a growing business. If you want to learn more about how Elite Forum can help, we will be happy to refer you to Elite Forum. eLaunchers.com is not a re seller or implementer of Elite Forum.;

This may not be right for you. That's OK!

When I am not making money, I am making friends. I need them both.

If my private client program is not appropriate for you, perhaps you can join my study group and we can share notes! That program is FREE for qualified SERIOUS students of direct response marketing.


A Few Words of Warning.

No Monkeying Around

This program is not for faint of heart. This is SERIOUS business. This program requires sizable investment of time, energy, effort and money. You will study hard. you will read, you will write, you will attend online meetings, you will travel to Washington DC, you will travel to other events we recommend and you will buy books, newsletter subscriptions and information product binders as suggested. You will participate in eLaunchers.com 'Technology Competency' program and meet or exceed the 'Business Owner Level' of technology competency. You will designate a dedicated human resource in your office to assume the role of 'Chief Marketing Technology Officer' in your office. We will provide training and support, but this is not going to be easy. This ride is not turbulence free.


New Ways to Spend Money

This is not going to be cheap. Besides the non-trivial amount of money spent on the program fee, you will also spend money on technology infrastructure development, copy writing, graphic design, printing, mailing, data processing, Fed-Ex, postage and other marketing related activities. There will be some internal expenses of staff time and your own time that will be difficult to compute. (We will help you keep track of all that). There will be expenses related your own continuing education and the travel associated with that. You will spend a non-trivial amount of money on customer amazement and expressing gratitude to your customers. You will develop a 'fiscal fitness program' for your organization.

Plug The Holes In Your Bucket

I look at data the way your CPA looks at money. We are going to build a data driven decision support system for your business. This will amplify the 'known data issues' in your database. (You probably don't even know what a 'known data issue' is. That's OK. I got this.) You will learn a few new phrases like 'data hygiene' and 'data neurology' etc. If you have never worked with a data scientist before and you are not used to looking at data and matrices this way, it will feel a bit abnormal at first. Together we will build a 'follow up culture' in your office where you and your staff will develop a very low tolerance for data loss, money loss and opportunity loss.


Aah! You are still here. (I thought I scared you off). There's nothing left to do but apply.

Please don't be scared. I have done this several dozen times before and I know what I am doing. I will help you make all the decisions. I am fiscally conservative, pragmatic businessman. I believe in living debt free. I will not ask you to do anything with your money that I would not be willing to do with MY money. You can ask my clients, my friends and you can even ask Dan Kennedy. Everyone will tell you the same thing: I genuinely care about my clients' success. For me, that is a matter of pride. I don't want to be a capital expense for you, I want to be an income producing asset. Even though you will have a plan for our multi-year tenure together, there is no commitment on your part. You will be able to walk away from our relationship by giving me a 30 day written notice. I will never ask you to leverage yourself and get in debt to incur an expense. I will be sensitive to your fiscal distress and I will help you deal with the fiscal turmoil that comes with growing your business to the next stage.