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Facilitating the Driverless Revolution with Parknav®

Modern cities are changing. Congestion, pollution and sprawl are worsening, and urban planners are missing essential pieces in the puzzle of expanding cities effectively, equitably and sustainably. 

With the advent of self-driving vehicles, there’s an opportunity for us to correct the 20th-century mistakes of planners who designed cities around the reign of the automobile—leading to the issues mentioned above along with an entire national infrastructure system designed to move vehicles rather than people.

We’re at the verge of the single most important infrastructure overhaul modern cities have seen since Ford’s Model T rendered the horse and buggy inessential in the early 20th century. 

Parknav®’s innovative, patented AI technology will prove to be one important missing puzzle piece—and play a central role—in the development of modern Smart Cities.

It’s a revolution that will take time. Autonomous cars will still need to find parking, and non-autonomous cars won’t disappear overnight. Key to figuring out this new era of infrastructure is also figuring out parking that is equitable for both self-driving and traditional cars.

Traditionally, cities and businesses have relied on dedicated, physical parking sensors to determine real-time parking availability. This costs cities and people a lot of money and time, and is neither practical nor scalable.

The Parknav® technology is 100 times more cost-effective and—thus—100 times more scalable than traditional solutions, freeing up significant funds for cities to facilitate this impending infrastructure revolution, for example with charging stations for self-driving and other electric vehicles.

Experts estimate up to 30 percent of traffic in urban areas is currently caused by drivers looking for parking. Through the Parknav® technology, and the immense dataset that Parknav® has collected about current drivers’ parking habits, this number will decrease significantly. Both traditional and driverless vehicles will need help parking, and Parknav® provides the missing puzzle piece that makes finding parking fast, efficient and accurate—for drivers and zombie cars alike.

This innovative technology will do for parking what GPS did for driving, and if you didn’t know—parking is only the first of many of Parknav®’s potential applications.

Furthermore, the data collected by Parknav® will inform the design choices urban planners make for autonomous vehicle parking solutions. Cities’ implementation and expansion of Parknav® will, together with the push for driverless cars, immensely reduce the demand for parking, freeing up many vast urban parking lots, wide roads, and driveways to be used in other ways.

These can be turned into more attractive open spaces like parks and greenery, or used to reduce urban sprawl through densification. Parknav® will help facilitate the creation of walkable, workable and liveable neighborhoods—a pillar of the Smart Cities philosophy.

A century ago, most urban planners didn’t think about the lasting impacts that would come from designing cities around the needs of inanimate vehicles. We know better today, and our modern Smart Cities will reflect that.

Parknav® will facilitate this revolution in countless ways, starting with parking. This innovative technology will help urban planners make better choices about what these future landscapes should look like, and it will help urban dwellers live better lives.

Want to learn more and invest in this incredible technology? Visit Parknav®’s equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder, a platform that lets anyone invest as little as $100 in startup ventures. The URL again, is In just 8 days, ParkNav raised over $400K.

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