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What Is The Business Kamasutra?.

And What Can It Do For Your Business?

Before we get into business, let’s talk about sex. Would you mate with someone you can’t trust? Would you do business with someone you can’t trust? In Business and Sex, it’s all about TRUST

You don’t want to mate with the wrong person, right? Because if you do, winning will be insignificant & losing will be embarrassing! You want to know who you are, who you are for, how you want to please them, how do they want to be pleased, can you please them the way they want to be pleased and are you OK with the paycheck that comes with it.


The Business KamaSutra.

From Persuasion to Pleasure

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You Must Follow 7 Steps To Add Pleasure To Your Business Relationships

  • Step 1: Segmentation: You want to know who you are after.
  • Step 2: Approach: Once you know who you are after, you are going to organize, orchestrate and execute your approach. If the approach goes well, you will get consent.
  • Step 3: Consent: You need to acknowledge the consent and express gratitude immediately. You need to take them to the next phase of the relationship instantly, or else the consent will get watered down or negated. Another thing to keep in mind is that you are getting consent for dating & not mating, so your message and language at Approach needs to focus on your dating rituals and not mating rituals.
  • Step 4: Trust: You need to win their trust and position yourself as a credible, trustworthy & desirable role player in their life. Trust is a very mathematical thing. It is a qualitative variable that can be quantified and therefore measured with precision accuracy. You can establish trust, measure trust, manage trust and elevate trust to a point of trust monetization, where both parties are ready to mate.
  • Step 5: Foreplay: When both parties are ready to mate, you want to add pleasure to the relationship before you mate. Why? Because a well foreplayed deal means they will want to mate more, mate more often and most important, when they tell their peers about you, they will boast about their experience with you.
  • Step 6: Mate: You do need to be good at what you do and you do need to provide good value for the money you take, otherwise, the whole exercise is worthless. You have to deliver what you promise and only promise what you have an ability and intent to deliver. When you fail to live up to their expectations, they will regret that they met you and they will not want to see you again.
  • Step 7: Relationship Transformation: If all goes well in steps 1 through 6, you will be able to transform a single transaction into a lifelong relationship that is filled with mutual pleasure & profitability. You will be able to do more with them, you will be invited into their circle of influence as a trusted partner, and when their peers want to engage with you, you don’t have to spend as much effort in establishing or elevating trust. In business or in sex, following seven interlocking steps in this exact chronology makes all the difference in the world. You skip a step, and you risk losing engagement in your relationship.

What Is Lifecycle Marketing?

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