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Mindmap: Internal Marketing System by Dan Kennedy (2015, At a dental event)

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Oct 30, 2018 9:32:01 AM

I was invited to be a guest of Dr. Greg Wych at a dental event where Dan Kennedy was speaking. Dan spoke for about 4 hours, break and another 2 hours. These are my notes from the event. I also re-examined the handout packet and resynthesized my notes to make sure I did not miss anything. There are two parts to this map. On the right you will find assets on the subject of: FOUND MONEY!: How to plug holes in the money bucket with internal marketing. On the left you will find assets on the subject of PATIENT MULTIFICATION: How to grow the practice and meet new patient needs from within, with internal marketing.

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Mind map: Marketing to Affluent (June 2018, Cleveland)

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Oct 28, 2018 5:41:24 PM

This mindmap has my notes from June 2018, Cleveland, Dan Kennedy private event called 'Marketing to Affluent'. A bonus event on 'Price stratgy 2.0' was on Day 3. I have notes on Price Strategy on this map also. Click here to view the Mind Map.




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Magnetic Marketing Math

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Oct 2, 2018 3:41:37 PM


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Time Management? Bah-Humbug!

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Sep 22, 2018 12:30:07 PM

It was June 2012 in Cleveland and after the event we all went to the racetrack with Dan Kennedy. While everyone was having fun, I found a quiet moment with Dan and asked him:

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Shock and Awe

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 23, 2018 1:01:04 PM



Many people call many things shock and awe. We follow a specific formula we learned from Dan Kennedy which starts with a clear plastic envelope that is home to a pocket folder that houses three print assets in left pocket, one print asset in the middle and seven print assets in the right pocket. This shock and awe can be enhanced by adding an audio CD or a video DVD, a business card or a thin USB drive housing digital assets.
This shock and awe is part of your client experience wow boxes (or as Jon Toy calls them Shock and Awe Box at www.shockandawebox.com). In this video Dan Kennedy talks about how to use Shock and Awe in a comprehensive internal marketing and gently solicited referrals. 
A comprehensive, anatomically correct, shock and awe package is included in the implementation fee. We use a specific formula that we have learned to be extremely effective for this purpose. If you have something that you currently refer to as your 'shock and awe', we will tastefully rename it so we can use the term 'shock and awe' to describe the prospect persuasion package that we will build for you.


The Pocket Folder

We will develop a pocket folder to house your persuasive shock and awe to match and mirror your branding guidelines. This pocket folder is housed in a clear plastic envelope and sent out via priority mail or Federal Express along with a copy of your book, your free report or other things you may have promised to your prospect. The shock and awe package is sent to a prospect who schedules an appointment for initial conversation, either in person or online.

Statement of guarantee

This is a single page statement of guarantee/risk reversal. Here you will demonstrate how you are eliminating almost all risks for your client. Here you are showing off that you too have a skin in the game and you are not going to take their money and run.

The guarantee piece is something your existing clients will talk about to their friends who they want to refer to you. You do not have to guarantee performance. All you have to guarantee is that you will do what you say you will do.

Everyone can offer SOME guarantee.

Gift Brochure

This is a 4 page brochure that is the most important element of the shock and awe. In this piece you will lead with four or five tangible gifts (books, CDs, free reports, a flash drive, a little tool or tool kit). The gifts are something your prospect can use in their business. (Coffee mug or pen does not count) But the biggest give you will give them is 20 minutes of your life where you will help them figure out a solution to their problem and determine if you will be able to work with them. They get gifts only if they spend time with you.

Cover/Champion letter

This letter is custom built for every situation, so you will write this individually as you send out the shock and awe package to the prospect.

If you are sending this to a prospect to confirm an appointment, tell them what they can look forward to. Ask them to do some homework.

If this is handed to a client so they can pass on to their friend, write a letter from your customer introducing you to their friend using words you want them to use.

If you are sending this to a JV partner who will use this to refer you business, give them a word document of the letter you want them to write & sign.

The right pocket

There are SEVEN elements that go in the right pocket. For logistics purposes, the printer would put all seven elements in a shrink wrap so when your staff is assembling the shock and awe, they just take one shrink wrap package, remove the plastic cover and insert the brochures in the pocket folder. Sometimes we would put all the content of pocket folder (left pocket and right pocket) in one shrink wrap so it is easy for assembly.

  • A Message from your    
  • Who Depends on  
  • Are You Ready? Take the Quiz
  • What happens at initial consultation
  • Core Products & Services
  • Continuity Of Care
  • Testimonial booklet as the 7th piece.

The testimonial booklet also doubles as a stand‐alone brochure.

NOTE: Each element is a stand‐alone sales tool. These marketing assets clarify who you are, who you help, what you do... and provides social proof people get results and like doing business with you.

A message from...

This is your personality brochure.

Here you will talk about who you are, who you are for, who you want to serve, how you want to serve them and what you are seeking in return.

In this brochure you will talk about your origin story, your core strengths, how you developed your strengths, how you leverage your strengths and why you almost always win. Tell them that you are GOOD at what you do and when they engage with you they will follow.

Who depends on

Describes your ideal client. Shows the elite fleet of people they join when they become your client. Show pictures of your start clients. (Not testimonials. Just pictures. Testimonials come later)

Explains WHY you seek the type of clients you seek, how you serve them, what you do better than anyone, why you are right for the job.

Take the quiz

This interactive piece allows the prospect to self‐qualify or disqualify in their own mind so they come prepared to make a deal.

‘Pain’ questions are asked to create awareness and agitate the need. Questions regarding the benefits of a solution... and the increased pain of not having one are asked.

This quiz can be used as a stand‐alone, self‐qualifying sales presentation powerful enough to get any viable prospects attention and bring them to the table IF they are in fact a good prospect.

About initial Consultation

Rules of engagement for the initial meeting are defined. If you bill for the initial meeting, justify the investment.

If they will be making an initial purchase at the initial meeting, talk about what they will be buying and WHY they need it. (Don’t get in to product description or features).

If you offer a FREE meeting or a discovery day where they will be pitched on the core product, talk about the discovery day and pitch so they come prepared to evaluate their needs and be prepared to buy at the consultation.

Always REVEAL pricing (or at least a range) in writing. It is important that they know what they are getting themselves in to. You can not sneak up price on them during the sales process.

Core services

This is your core services or products display. Details problem solved by what you do.

This is your CORE product/service that they will EVENTUALLY ascend to. This is NOT what you are selling in the initial transaction.

Details your desired ‘core’ relationship so your goals and objectives are crystal clear.

Continuity offer

Discusses ascension in to your monthly continuity offer. (If you don’t have a continuity income, consider creating an offering.)

Describes how you help them post‐delivery and as they consume your product/services.

Talks about what life will look like after delivery of your product/service and how you can help them in a more meaningful way now that they have your ‘thing’.

Explains your referral culture.  And that you are looking forward to a lifelong relationship.

Testimonials & case studies

This will have multiple pages. (8 to 12 pages (+/‐) depending on how many testimonials and case studies you have).

May include pictures of happy customers, before & after images, screen shot of videos if you have video testimonials and images of hand written letters if you have handwritten testimonials.

Case studies as ‘proof of concept’ and ‘it has worked for someone else in past’. This is not a demonstrative document. This is a celebratory document.

On last page, ask for the order: “BE OUR NEXT STORY”

Note: This package is a stand-alone marketing asset that adds value to your business and makes it EASIER to sell your product or service to any qualified prospect.

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eLaunchers Referral Culture Program

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 23, 2018 10:46:23 AM


Referral Culture Tools, Techniques and Training

Everyone says that their number one source of growth is referrals, yet they have not built a formal ‘referral culture code’ for their organization. We have heard Dan Kennedy say, if you want them to give you referrals, you need to give them good tools and teach them how to talk about you. When we build your referral culture we will give you everything: Your referral survey, tell-a-friend website, Infusionsoft follow up campaign, friend welcome package and gratitude expression process.

In this video, Dan Kennedy talks about how to use your Shock and Awe package in comprehensive internal magnetic marketing.

We will show you how to use the shock and awe package along with ‘three cards trick’ to ask for referrals. We will show you how to get online reviews using Infusionsoft with review site ‘Sotellus.com’ and trigger referral campaign when someone gives you good review. If you are an info-marketer, an educator or have a membership site of any sort, a formal ‘Study Buddy’ program can generate a consistent flow of referrals. If you get referrals from various ‘centers of influence’ we will help you put together a program for your formal referral sources as well.

Programming and Setup

  • Referral Culture NPS Survey & Tell a Friend Campaign in Infusionsoft
  • Tell a friend Web Site/Funnel in Click Funnel
  • Referral Culture Traffic Driver letter to clients/patients
  • Friend welcome package
  • Gratitude expression package
  • VIP Club Welcome Package for Referring VIP
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My FIRST Lesson From Dan Kennedy

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 22, 2018 9:53:19 AM

Dreams are made of data! To follow your dreams, study your data!

In the “No BS Direct Marketing” book, (Page 14, Rule Number 4) Dan Kennedy says:

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COPY WRITING: Who Should Be Your Scribe?

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 22, 2018 9:06:04 AM

You want ROI (Return on Investment)? I don't give you an ROI. I am a systems and process guy. I am a 'technology overhead'. I am a delivery system to deliver your message to your prospect. I automate the process of delivering the right message to the right person at the right time, at scale.

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Now, it DOES take a village... a message by Dan Kennedy

Posted by Parthiv Shah on May 22, 2018 8:56:49 AM
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