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Making ends meet!

Posted by Parthiv Shah on Dec 17, 2018 9:46:35 PM

Parthiv Shah


Sometimes, there is just not enough money to do EVERYTHING you would like to do.

Recently, I had the privilege of talking to a prospect who wanted to enlist me in her team and support her event. We talked about her needs, her long term vision, short term goals and the project on deck.

I asked for $57,500. She said, you are ON, but, you got to make do with $20K. That's all we can invest in this project at this time. What can we do?

This places an interesting challenge for the business process engineer. I now have to pick my battles, figure out what I MUST do between now and March, figure out a way to make do without certain marketing assets and not compromise the marketing theater.

So, out of the eight pillars of Ultimate Conversion Concepts Platform that I normally sell for $57,500 what can I choose to not do for now? Can I live without a shock & awe package? Can we do away with the referral system? Can I put the 1000 day planning on hold and focus on the short term goal of supporting just this event? How can I play a 'one night stand' without having my 1000 day vision?

I have accepted the challenge and this holiday season, I will be working with her on building out the core infrastructure (or at least a portion of it) for her info business. Stay tuned, in March end I will write another blog post to tell you what happened.


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